The endless summer at our place !

Description of the rooms
Base Floor

(base floor, westward, room space: ~ 25 m²)
The base floor contains one room called “Rainbow”.
This room is suitable for persons liking rest. No early sun light will wake you up in the morning.
Cool summer air after rain. Clean sky is decorated by rainbow… White and light furniture, like clouds, and sunny yellow walls emphasize the twinkling colours of carpet and counterpane.
You can see a rock garden through two large windows, and you can smell thyme and juniper. More...

Ground Floor

(ground floor, kitchen space: ~ 11 m²)
The kitchen is only open to residents of Guest House “VASARA”. The kitchen is equipped with microwave oven, refrigerator, kitchen-range, pots, tableware, table accessories, ironing board and iron. More...

(ground floor, westward, room space: ~ 23 m²)
The entrance to Guest House, Sea-room and kitchen are situated on ground floor.
The Sea-room is designed for families having children and persons having movement problems.
It is situated next to the kitchen and common entrance. The room is very cosy, light, and you can enjoy the rock garden through the windows to the yard.
Everlasting movement of the sea and unrestricted freedom inspire dreams… Whitened birchen furniture, like foamy waves, create a frame to vividly blue carpet and counterpane. Sunny yellow walls inspire joyful mood, and a spacious bathroom increases comfort of the room. More...

1st Floor

(1st floor, westward, room space: ~ 24 m²)
On 1st floor, you can find just two rooms situated next to another: “Dune” and “Garden”.
The Dune-room has an aura formed between sea and bay, between water and sky.
Gorgeous peace of Neringa dunes… Golden colours of sand-dunes emphasize softness of bed and carpet. You can enjoy a rock garden and the only sakura in Neringa through the windows. More...

(1st floor, eastward, room space: ~ 26 m², balcony: ~ 8 m²)
On 1st floor, you can find just two rooms situated next to another: “Garden” and “Dune”.
The Garden-room is perfect for pairs and persons who like romance. You will have a great time with your beloved.
In summer, the garden reminds you of the promised land… Laconic luxury of the beds covered by canopy harmonizes with natural asceticism of sesal-carpet.
You can see a great view to the bay and an old fruit-garden from spacious balcony.
It is a pleasure to feel the morning sun or spend restful nights while sitting on mahogany furniture on the balcony. More...

2nd Floor

(2nd floor, westward, room space: ~ 25 m²)
On 2nd floor, you can find just two rooms situated next to another: “Forest” and “Bay”.
The ceiling of Forest-room is high, so you can feel pleasant space.
Forest is so gorgeous in the summer… Moss-like green carpet and counterpane invite you for rest and counting clouds on the blue attics ceiling. Through the windows, you can enjoy pine-trees and roofs sinking into them. More...

(2nd floor, eastward, room space: ~ 26 m²)
On 2nd floor, you can find just two rooms situated next to another: “Bay” and “Forest”.
The Bay-room is very spacious, the ceiling is high, and view through the window is excellent.
Large blue waves of the bay and a white seal… High blue attics ceiling reminds you of seals. Carpet and counterpane also wave, and you can see romantic panorama of Nida and bay through the window. More...

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